Have a quick check in with our staff

We want to help you be accountable with the changes in diet and lifestyle. We'll check in with you, take follow up measurements (inches and pounds), and just see how you're doing.

Take hypertherapy baths at home

Three days per week, that do not coincide with sauna days, you will complete home hypertherapy Peat Mud Baths. Increase your metabolic rate and catylize metabolic weight loss.

Before you go!

Take an extra ten minutes to "shake up" those unwanted fat cells again. Utilize this technology to complement your sauna. The oscillating vibrations will assist the release of toxic fat cells.

Want to get more from whole body vibration? Follow our exercise and stretch chart to optimize your gains in mobility, flexibility and posture.

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5 Week weight Loss Program

Commit to 2 days per week in our center

Select Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. You will come in for about 2 hours per session. See a sample schedule below.

Jump start metabolism with HBOT

As part of your consultation fee, we are including three 30-minute sessions of HBOT. These will activate your metabolism giving you a head start on moving out the unwanted fat and toxins.

Cellogie Optimize bio-granules

Orally dissolving bio-granules bypass your digestive system. Take them during your center visits to assist your cells with circulation and detoxification. The base ingredients in all cellogie bio-granules work in concert to improve the cells' intake of nutrients, protection and ability to function efficiently.

Optimize, Weight Loss and other Cellogie formulas are available for purchase if you are interested in daily use of these revolutionary supplements. 

Step onto variable vibrating frequencies​

Now that the fat cells have been infused with light energy, shake them up and prepare to move them out. Whole body vibration has been shown to burn unwanted fat, work multiple muscle groups, and increase energy levels.

Apply light to areas of fat and cellulite

Red and infrared light heat up the under lying fat layers and start cell movement in part one of the center process.

Researchers have concluded that light therapy is, "safe and effective for improving the appearance of cellulite in the thighs and buttocks."

Online scheduling


Start with a consultation in our office

Meet with us for 30 minutes to discuss your health and weight loss goals. Review the expectations for the program, complete our safety screening forms and discuss the diet and lifestyle guide recommended by Dr Ratansi.

Improve your energy, remove unwanted toxic fat and regain your overall health and wellness with our research supported weight loss program.


Step into the relaxing sauna​

Our Far Infrared Sauna, set to a comfy 110-120F, will induce a detoxifying sweat while helping alleviate stress, muscle pain and improving your immune system. Research shows that far infrared sauna can help raise your basal metabolic rate- meaning you will have an increased resting calorie burn- for hours after your sauna session.​​