Client Testimony

Last summer I began my journey at Healing Air.  Healing Air has allowed me to implement the most sophisticated and legitimate recovery processes into my regiment of training as a USA Boxing athlete.  By maintaining a consistent approach to Healing Air’s Hyperbaric Chamber as well as the Healing Lights, all of my training has expanded and improved.  Additionally, my overall well being and state of mind has grown in confidence, relaxation, and self- awareness.  The recovery procedures and use of the Healing Air facility has helped me turn the corner from “hard working and talented prospect” into an Elite USA Boxing athlete.  My improvement in training and recovery has translated to my athletic performance; thus, I am able to train, and spar with other Elite athletes as well as having dramatically improved my athletic performance in competition.

The use of the Hyperbaric Chamber has translated to not only having a physical advantage but also a mental advantage over other Elite competitors that I face in competition.  I know that competitors are not getting the extra 600% of oxygen that I receive on a weekly basis.  The results speak for themselves.  I am able to reach a level of training that far exceeds what is required to compete.  I have doubled and sometimes tripled my training output, and doing so in a constructive and safe manner.  My USA Boxing coach has charted and recorded all of my improvements in training but especially in my track training.  All of my times continue to improve to this day and we do not see any limits to these improvements in sight. 

In addition to my enhanced athletic performance, Healing Air has helped me grow substantially in my academics. As a "Student Athlete" I take my grades just as serious as I do boxing, and strive to achieve the highest possible GPA, a 4.0. Healing Air has enabled me to focus for longer periods of time, and with more clarity. As a result of staying up late at night doing my assignments, I often would barley be able to stay awake in class, or even worse have to stay home from school, but with my usage of the chamber every Wednesday I am able to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the week despite my lack of ample sleep. 

Overall, my experience with Healing Air Hyperbarics has been a very beneficial one. Cheryle and Rocky, the owners of the establishment, are very knowledgeable, and as hospitable as it gets. I would recommend the Hyperbaric treatment to any serious athletes who are looking to recover faster, perform better, and have an edge on their competition. I've made an unreal amount of progress as a student, and as a boxer, with the help of Healing Air, and it has truly made a difference in my life.
                                                                Connor F., student athlete

                                                                March 2019

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Mild Pressure Hyperbaric Therapy

One of the key determinants of HBOT is pressure and the greater the pressure, the greater the amount of dissolved oxygen into the body – Note, it does not take much pressure to deliver extra amounts of physiologically-available oxygen. During m-HBOT, the added pressure allows extra oxygen to be absorbed and transferred from the lungs into the blood, causing a greater saturation of blood oxygen levels. As this rich oxygenated blood makes its way to damaged tissue, extra oxygen is now readily available and can be potentially utilized for enhancing tissue repair and regeneration while also still being able to provide its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.